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In a small rural town in the 1930s, three friends — a farmer’s wife, a music teacher and adulteress, and a single huntswoman — drift away from one another as they grow older, choosing unexpected futures for themselves.

A college student visits her divorcee mother and her widowed friend on the farm they live on together and together they each start to push through their pasts to brighter futures.

A man in a jail tells his fellow prisoners the story of a General from the Civil War who was paranoid that two brothers whom he wronged were out to kill him.

A man does various jobs on a nearby farm owned by an old man as he struggles with problems with his wife. One night, the old man asks him to kill a skunk who has been eating his hens, and the hunt has unexpected consequences.

An old lady orders her farm worker, Mr. Greenleaf, to kill his sons' bull that is loitering on her property.

When a battalion of soldiers knock on a mother’s door at dawn, she fears her secret identity will be discovered.

A group of journalists are invited to a New Zealand farm to view genetically engineered creatures designed to end world hunger. But when the creatures appear to speak and be sentient, the company scrambles to convince the journalists they were mistaken.

As his son recovers from a devastating head injury, a father reflects on what could have been their last moment together.

Two brothers have been inseparable since their parent's divorce. When a girl starts to flirt with one of the boys, he ignores her to hang out with his brother, who realizes their bromance is too distracting.

A thief and con artist from the city attempts to trick a farmer's wife out of her money.