Short stories tagged with Disappointment

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An unexpected letter reminds a man that he was once voted "Most Likely To Succeed" by his graduating class. Even though both world wars have changed the course of his life, he realizes that he is not unhappy.

After the death of their father, two brothers move in with their unfamiliar aunt and uncle in Harlan, Kentucky, but a bullying incident at school threatens to separate the family.

A recently widowed painter invites her stepson over to gift him his late father's field journals, but the visit goes poorly when he brings his girlfriend and her young daughter.

An old woman takes a day trip through the Mexican town of La Luz. After one of her appointments is unexpectedly cancelled, she must find new ways to spend her day.

During World War II, a boy moves to the big city from agrarian Alabama. Astounded by the lack of greenery, he convinces a local gang to build a farm, but not everyone agrees with his plan.

On a trip through Europe, an old man grapples with his terminal illness and finds himself increasingly disappointed by his current lover and missing his old flame.

After his unhappy mother announces she will move homes once again, he and his girlfriend visit her one last time.

An old man becomes aware of the finality of his life, and that he couldn't find much meaning to it anymore.

A man does various jobs on a nearby farm owned by an old man as he struggles with problems with his wife. One night, the old man asks him to kill a skunk who has been eating his hens, and the hunt has unexpected consequences.

A widowed radiologist is navigating raising his son after his wife's death when one of his patients captures his attention.