Short stories published in The Iowa Review

The Iowa Review is an American literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews. Published three times a year, its published work has been featured in Best American Poetry, Best American Essays, the Pushcart Prize Anthology, and more. Its mission is to provide the best possible print and online space for "the voices of writers of every kind of diversity to move and enlighten [readers]."

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In the first personal plural, a psychiatric ward patient describes their day-to-day routines and thoughts while their life slowly becomes easier.

It only takes one lie about Jimmy, Alice's dead boyfriend and Estelle's son, to change the relationship between the women that they've so carefully crafted over the years of them drinking, gossiping, and bonding.

A maid obsessed who emulates God through hard work must offer acts of contrition to her employer, who erotically punishes her daily when she fails to achieve perfection in her work.

In present-day Montana, an eighteen-year old’s father goes missing at the same time that a cougar begins to roam around town, which leads to a string of tragic losses and an uncomfortable blend of revulsion and awe for the silent creature.

Following a breakup, a woman trapped in a nine-to-five office job becomes depressed and begins to consider suicide.

A widowed radiologist is navigating raising his son after his wife's death when one of his patients captures his attention.

A young boy suffering from OCD-like symptoms grapples with self-hatred, bullying, and sexual abuse and frequently flaps his hands and constricts his throat to escape reality. His compulsions and coping mechanisms follow him through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.

A young Black man returns home to his small Ohio town from Vietnam and becomes a drug pusher to make money, only to face that violence of a father after his son dies of a suspected drug overdose.

When the father of a college-aged girl, who works in a mail center and has taken to stealing her classmates' mail, comes to visit, he sexually assaults his daughter, as he has been doing since she was a young girl.

Having sacrificed his dream job to financially support his marriage, a man realizes there is sexual tension between his wife and his friend. Ultimately, he makes tough decisions about both his friendship and his marriage.