Short stories tagged with Rape

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A Black woman reflects on her experiences as a slave on a plantation, where she not only witnessed but also committed inconceivable violence.

A veterinarian uncovers the ugly truth about her employer, and the lines between man, woman, and beast blur as blood spills.

A woman on a grand jury hears the case of an older woman who was brutally raped by one of her former students. She attempts to understand the different ways the story disturbs her.

In a society where the top one percent rules the lower classes, a teenage girl is forced out of her home by ethnic cleansing and must turn to a wealthy man in order to survive.

A young Caribbean merwoman decides to bring her friends to explore living on land, but the trip puts them in horrible danger. Upon returning underwater, she must face the consequences of putting her entire community at risk.

A 33-year-old woman living in an apocalyptic Scotland with her husband writes in her diary about the tribulations of their lives and their pilgrimage to Russia in hope of a more stable existence.

When a mother crosses the United States southern border to escape the unsafe conditions of her home country, she begins having psychotic episodes while she waits to be reunited with her five-year-old son, from whom she was separated during the journey.

A self-hating self-help celebrity prepares to levy a shocking accusation against her ex-boyfriend.

In Sheridan, Wyoming during the Red Scare, two migrant workers--an escaped convict and a union organizer--run into trouble with their boss--a corrupt Western movie star who rapes the ex-convict's girlfriend--that places them back on the run. Trouble stemming from the union organizer's reputation as a so-called dangerous Communist follows them to their next job in Montana. In a tense and fast-paced turn of events, the union organizer sacrifices his life to exact revenge on their former boss and the ex-convict and his girlfriend escape to Canada.

In a small town, Rhea and Rhoda, two vivacious, inseparable twins, are found brutally murdered and raped by a developmentally disabled man.