Short stories by Celeste Rita Baker

Celeste Rita Baker is a Virgin Islander who currently resides in Harlem New York City. She has published short stories in The Caribbean Writer, Calabash, Margin’s Magical Realism, Scarab, Moko Magazine, Abyss & Apex, Strange Horizons, and is included in the anthologies People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy, An Alphabet of Embers, Black Science Fiction Society's Genesis, The Outcast Hours and The Apex Book of World SF 4. Celeste is a 2019 graduate of Clarion West.

Baker's genres include Speculative Fiction, Magical Realism and Reality Based Fiction in which she writes in Standard English and in Caribbean dialect.

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A young Caribbean merwoman decides to bring her friends to explore living on land, but the trip puts them in horrible danger. Upon returning underwater, she must face the consequences of putting her entire community at risk.

A woman with a seemingly unexceptional life takes up glass bottle dancing after the death of a friend, practicing at night so her family doesn't see her. When she is eventually found out, she decides to put on a public performance that's attended by some unusual neighbors.