Short stories published in 2018

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In a dystopian future, a man tries to convince his daughter not to return to the cult that has put her in debt through a disturbing, invented currency which bonds humans together.

After the entire world experiences a collective period of rage that leaves many dead and injured, a woman ventures out on her own, making allies and discovering the truth about those who've survived.

A young boy finds a clearing while exploring the wilderness and meditatively observes the nature around him.

A down-and-out undercover police officer looks for potential crooks on the morning train to the airport.

A middle-aged Asian-American woman uses silence to her advantage in navigating family dynamics and understanding the absence of love in her life.

In present-day New York City, a young Colombian woman strikes up a friendship with an older Columbian man fleeing the memory of his kidnapping and subsequently finds relief from her own trauma.

As flames from a forest fire creep closer to her home and her daughter burns from fever, an Indian American mother has ten minutes to decide what to keep and what to leave behind.

It only takes one lie about Jimmy, Alice's dead boyfriend and Estelle's son, to change the relationship between the women that they've so carefully crafted over the years of them drinking, gossiping, and bonding.

Ruriko visits robot versions of her former bandmates, who are kept in a sex hotel. Through talking with them, she revisits the day all of them died, leaving her the sole survivor.

In a fantasy world, as punishment for staring at a naked goddess, a king-mage is reborn as a mortal. Several other cursed demigods hatch a plan to be reborn as children of the naked goddess, who is in love with the king-mage.