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As flames from a forest fire creep closer to her home and her daughter burns from fever, an Indian American mother has ten minutes to decide what to keep and what to leave behind.

A college sophomore returns home after breaking up with a serious boyfriend, sending her parents into a flurry of worry over her listless behavior. But who is really taking care of whom?

A group of rivers in human form run from the human empire that would enslave them to power their cities, seeking the ocean in hopes that its endless waters will help them destroy their enemies.

An aging Caucasian ex-military pilot-turned-farmer and his wife struggle to maintain control of two newly acquired buffalo, while wildfires and drought blacken the sky and the farmer's sister becomes increasingly subsumed by doomsday cultism. cults build shelters to prepare for nuclear destruction. Set in the present day.

A story with an unconventional structure that asks "What is your number one priority?"

In the near future, a young man escapes civil unrest in Laos and becomes a journalist in America, where he must decide whether to write about important truths and risk getting fired, or conform and write meaningless click-bait stories.

In a post-apocalyptic near future, a scientist and a young boy find strange creatures among Earth's growing piles of garbage. Eventually, most of the earth's garbage morphs into these monsters and humans must learn to co-exist with them.

A young boy sits on the shore of one of Earth’s remaining beaches, his last moment at the planet’s natural sites before mankind must evacuate the planet it destroyed.