Short stories published in 1949

Listing 34 stories.

On Native American lands in the Old South, a young Indigenous man competes with a white steamboat pilot for the affection of a woman.

A boy is invited to a hogs hunt and dinner party and encounters the quirky members of the host's family.

Professor gives a talk about the human appetite for death

After hiring multiple caretakers, one after another, a family finds a near perfect woman whom they adore. However, they are met with a surprise when the caretaker's term comes to an end.

A hungover young man marvels at a beautiful Southern plaza, reminisces his past, wonders about the future, and finds himself wondering what is happening around him.

In 1945 in New Orleans, a fourteen-year-old boy's sister stops secretly seeing a lieutenant and decides to finally marry one of the suitors that her mother has approved for her.

A boy feels isolated from his group of friends and targets his rage towards the most popular of them all. When he realizes the extent of the influence this enemy wields, he is forced to come to terms with the hopelessness of his situation.

A famous novelist emotionally manipulates a young artist in order to write about him and inadvertently causes the artist to commit suicide.

When a young boy visits the family farm on the prairie, he dreams that he is becoming a man, but a fierce storm and an untimely lightning strike humble and frighten him.

A current university professor and former soldier sits serenely in his office until two students, who are actually his former army colleagues, enter for essay help. The three boys discuss a possible essay topic about a real attack that involved of the army lieutenants of their time.