Short stories tagged with Dinner

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A woman is employed by wealthy individuals to eat the sins of their recently deceased relatives.

A boy is invited to a hogs hunt and dinner party and encounters the quirky members of the host's family.

An advertising model befriends an older man. After she returns from Algeria, her new boyfriend reveals an unsettling hobby to the man that continues to haunt him long after the model’s mysterious disappearance.

On a trip through Europe, an old man grapples with his terminal illness and finds himself increasingly disappointed by his current lover and missing his old flame.

An overprotective brother disapproves of his sister’s fiance despite his own inability to commit to a woman. Over time, he becomes less selfish and learns to accept others' wishes with less judgment.

Over dinner, an observer reflects on mothers and their omnipresent prevalence in children’s lives.

A lonely and financially unstable middle-aged man tries and fails to sell Everlasting Beauty kitchenware to a family on the Black side of town in order to pay for his daughter's schooling.

A jealous husband invites his beautiful wife’s worldly friend to dinner and the night ends with a tragic accident.

An old logger tells the story of a giant hunter and his dog hunting a ferocious turkey terrorizing the local wildlife.

A woman has dinner with her husband and stepchildren and is interrupted by a stranger at the door, which prompts her to reminiscence about her past—the houses, love, and drama.