Short stories tagged with Parents

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A father tells a story about his deceased wife and the wild traditions they used to have involving alcohol as well as the disapproval his mother-in-law had about their relationship.

Over dinner, an observer reflects on mothers and their omnipresent prevalence in children’s lives.

On a cold December day, parents grieve for their son who was killed in a football game. A friend of their son helps them realize their son may have hid the feelings he was too afraid to show.

A young girl works to impress her highly critical parents and submits to a terrible fate as she struggles to meet their impossible standards.

A young man, enthusiastic about his new love interest, soon realizes he has an issue with staring at the women around him and driving them away.

A middle-aged man faces a difficult decision; he can choose to use genetic alteration to have a say over the life of his unborn child, or leave the future up to chance. As he struggles to choose a path, he reconsiders his own past and the struggles he has faced.