Short stories published in 1936

Listing 30 stories.

A woman leaves her island home to serve at a créche on the mainland in a poor area of the city. There, she falls in love with one of the children she cares for and wants him as her own, but his mother commits a crime that puts the boy out of reach.

On the 4th of July, a small Texas diner receives new customers from all over the nation. One family arrives to the small town in search for an old war buddy, Bill, who offered the husband a job, but the townspeople insist that Bill's work is not accepting any new workers.

An individual on a train watches the throngs of people commuting, including a young couple that has been severely affected by the Great Depression.

While they were originally set on different paths after graduation, a young boy and girl get engaged. They decide to have their teacher as their witness, but once they discover their teacher had killed herself, they break their engagement.

Sometime after the abolishment of slavery, a white Louisianan man is tasked to find a black man accused of murder.

Two competitive female leads of a Broadway revue in the 1930s meet with a press agent and separately reflect on petty digs they have thrown at each other in an effort to maintain dominance over the show. Each wishes to prove herself to be the superior performer, but together, they react in an unexpected way when the cameras turns upon them.

A father involved in the business of trading horses becomes involved in a trade with an infamous trader while running errands for his wife.

A young white girl takes on responsibility for repaying Black people in America back for their suffering under slavery after hearing a gospel choir sing.

A boy’s relationship with his uncle and the concept of death changes as he witnesses the mysteriously consecutive deaths of his uncle’s caddies.

In this period piece set in a small village, two rejected lovers team up to break up a happy couple.