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On the 4th of July, a small Texas diner receives new customers from all over the nation. One family arrives to the small town in search for an old war buddy, Bill, who offered the husband a job, but the townspeople insist that Bill's work is not accepting any new workers.

A man who is out of prison on parole in New Jersey steals a car and drives West.

A man en-route to meet a criminal partner stops partway along his journey at a motel in the Four Corners, where he meets a woman and her baby. During the night, they wake to gunshots.

An eight-year-old girl attends a family lunch with her aunt, uncles, and cousins. Family drama ensues as a baby is hidden from his grandmother, an uncle drinks too much alcohol, and children indulge in naughty conversation.

On her drive to her hometown in Georgia, a medical student contemplates the recent death of her reckless friend and picks up a stranger with a cast on the side of the road.

A car dealership owner and his long-time girlfriend embark on a business road trip to Idaho. The events of the journey do not bode well for the couple's relationship.

A single mother whose own mother recently passed away travels to South Carolina with her seven-year-old son in search of her mother's pet parrot, as she hopes to hear her mother's voice again.

A devoted brother-turned-drug-dealer and a starry-eyed prostitute fall victim to circumstance as they try to achieve their goals. When they cross paths, the fateful encounter frees them from their tormentors.

An episode of a TV series called The Library follows fifteen-year-old Jeremy as he bonds with his friends through their shared obsession with an obscure TV show called The Library until he is ultimately convinced that he must save the life of the main character.

When a young man in Oklahoma on a cattle genetics job is threatened by a conman with a gun, he gets wrapped up into an exciting drug scheme that suddenly makes his life before seem incredibly dull.