Short stories published in Five Points

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A 36-year-old Irish man indulges in his usual routine voyage from Boyle to Sligo via train, enjoying himself and his rituals, until an unsettling encounter throws his entire day off-kilter.

As an orphaned Floridian boy grows up to become a mathematician with a healthy family of his own in the 20th century, the memory of his unhappy father lingers, threatening his peace of mind.

A man who is out of prison on parole in New Jersey steals a car and drives West.

When her kindergarten teacher's promise that their garden harvest will make an appearance at dinner goes unfulfilled, a young student enacts her revenge.

A man attempting to write a book on the Iraq war has flashbacks of violence from his time with a group of marines he accompanied as a journalist. The book centers around a man who is a stand-in for himself, who later tells his stories to an Israeli business man who is actually an intelligence agent in a bar in Frankfurt.