Short stories tagged with Death Of A Father

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A 36-year-old Irish man indulges in his usual routine voyage from Boyle to Sligo via train, enjoying himself and his rituals, until an unsettling encounter throws his entire day off-kilter.

Sometime during the 20th century, two young boys wake up excitedly on a Florida day with the hope of seeing their estranged father, unaware of how reality will not meet their expectations.

A young heiress in the 1950s takes up a decades-long affair with a married architect, which seems like a safe venture until a mutual friend begins blackmailing them.

Upon hearing about an upcoming wedding, a former American soldier reminisces about the time he met a young girl who gave him the recourse to survive the war.

When a middle-aged man's wife moves away to go back to school, he worries that he will not be able to care for their three children on his own. As the year goes on, the wife becomes increasingly distant, and the husband, resentful of her for leaving, wonders if he can trust her or if their marriage will soon fall apart.

A teenage son discreetly researches the Vietnam War, desperate for information about what his father may have experienced during his seventeen years in the Marine Corps.

When a graduate student makes his way to Colorado with his recently unemployed girlfriend to visit his married friends, an alarming development in his friends’ marriage causes him to reevaluate his own relationship and, in the process, make a grave mistake.

After one of her father's notebooks is recovered from an icecap, a woman recalls the love story between her mother, a rural woman who always wanted adventure, and her father, an adventurous explorer who disappeared on a voyage to the Arctic.

When a middle-aged woman finds out that her deceased father, a prominent New York justice in the early 20th century, was cuckolded by her mother, the daughter reevaluates her father’s far-reaching influence on her life.

After his father dies, a young man returns to his father's farm to settle his affairs. One night, four strangers show up at the farm with a request.