Short stories tagged with Death Of A Mother

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In San Francisco, a Chinese grandmother teaches her granddaughter how to pickle the memories she no longer wants to carry with her, much to her daughter’s chagrin.

When a World War II soldier returns home to San Francisco, memories of a late friend keep him from enjoying the normalcy of civilian life.

When a young Australian woman meets an Indian immigrant at an electronica concert in Paris, a touching one-night stand allows the pair to bond over their isolation.

In 2038, a woman visits her estranged father’s retirement community to find that he has replaced her with a robot in the form of a little girl.

A 20-something-year-old woman returns home to Dublin when she hears that her abusive father is ill. Her return causes her to reevaluate the sexually ambiguous relationship she has with the older man who gave her a home when she had no one else.

When a middle-aged woman finds out that her deceased father, a prominent New York justice in the early 20th century, was cuckolded by her mother, the daughter reevaluates her father’s far-reaching influence on her life.

When their son returns back from boarding school, his Viennese father and French mother argue over what’s best for their son, who feels hopelessly different from all of the American teenagers in New York City. Unexpectedly, the argument reaches a deadly conclusion.

In an ambiguous American town, a veteran father gifts his scrawny teenage son a dangerous, possessed war jacket that transforms the squeamish boy into a hypermasculine man.

During the last year of his life, after decades of estrangement due to a drug addiction and an escape from their home in Ohio, a brother reaches out to his long-lost sister.

In the era following the American Civil War, a man is charged with fulfilling his father’s duty to visit his elderly, dementia-suffering aunt every year on her birthday to give her a pair of tennis shoes. During the visitation, the elderly woman’s confused memories force him to confront painful remembrances of his own.