Short stories tagged with Greed

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A team of three space hunters attempt to kill a theriida—a space whale with invaluable organs and skin that can provide riches and protect humans against interstellar radiation—but in their zeal, they face the risk of turning into theriidas themselves.

In the mid-twentieth-century South, a black mother's greed has haunting consequences for her and her coveted son.

A race car driver maneuvers his car ready to win as usual. However, he suddenly has a change of heart and decides to forgo the trophy as blood runs down his chin.

After surviving an attack on his life, a Serengeti park ranger realizes that greedy poachers will stop at nothing to get their hands on the valuable horns of the endangered rhinoceros.

An older man goes off on a quest through the desert to find a fortune despite there seeming to be no hope.

In the future, all humans must wait in an impossibly long line, where getting to the front means securing one’s future and never having to worry about money again. Waiting in the line for decades on end, the worst of humanity comes out.

A struggling private-investigator is drawn into a lurid murder-suicide case even after he is officially off the case.

A woman's husband and daughters work on dividing up her valuables between themselves and one of the woman's friends after her death.

In a Seattle of the near future, a businessman attempts to convince a young basketball player to sign a sponsorship deal that will require him to implant a controversial device into his body forever.

In civil war-stricken Burundi of 1994, a divorced expatriate posing as a blindfolded chess grandmaster meets another imposter pulling off the same con as him.