Short stories published in 1915

Listing 20 stories.

A wandering man comes across two food venders who hire him for the day and tell him about their lives.

A woman falls in love with a fisherman she hates, but he hates and loves her as well. Endeavoring into a marriage that baffles all, the couple tries to make their toxic love work.

Upon returning to Paris after a decade-long hiatus wandering the French countryside and writing an epic, a poet encounters an enigmatic young woman who believes he is a god and wants to be his disciple,

A man in a small port town watches as his store clerk begins to fear and yearn for a ship that appears in the fog.

After struggling to appeal to their state governor, a dysfunctional family anxiously awaits the public execution of a relative. As they wait at home new of the execution, tensions and strife erupt in a dispute over the relative's innocence.

A working-class mother has held only one hope for her entire life: that one day, her daughter would marry well and wealthy, and take care of her in her old age. When her daughter reveals that the man she loves is not wealthy, her mother's dreams of rest are dashed and divided.

An elderly woman prepares for her death, but is anxious for someone to listen to her precious memories and cherish them after her death.

After twelve years at sea, an elderly sailor must decide if he should return to Liverpool to search for his lover, or if he is too old for love to even try.

A woman's husband and daughters work on dividing up her valuables between themselves and one of the woman's friends after her death.

A lonely maiden is constantly reminded of her single status, working as an advertiser for a baby bed in New York. Seeking to make something of herself, she takes on both work and love with a passion, but only succeeds in one.