Short stories tagged with Existentialism

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In present-day New York City, a strained lawyer writes to a stranger, an eating disorder doctor, in hopes of confronting the man about an overheard phone conversation.

A man imprisoned for murdering his brother drifts between his visiting wife, his memories of life outside, and his friends in prison as he struggles to find meaning in his captivity -- in everyone's captivity.

In this satire, a cartographer discovers an isolated North African village in which the sole occupation is counting upward. Living in their utopia forces him to reckon with the utility of reason and the necessity of pain in human life.

Plagued by an aggressive case of pneumonia and haunted by a dying neighbor, a sanatorium patient is advised to have his ribs resectioned, thus sending him into a panicked reflection on the inevitability of death.

Billions of years in the future, most lifeforms have vanished from the universe. Santa Claus must fight to keep Christmas—and all lifeforms—alive.

An elderly woman prepares for her death, but is anxious for someone to listen to her precious memories and cherish them after her death.

When an astronaut awakens from hibernation long before he has reached his destination, he tries to get answers from the spaceship’s onboard computer.

An American in Germany stays at a men's hostel while undergoing expensive medical treatment and falls into despair as he waits for his despondent girlfriend to arrive.

Millions of years after the Big Bang, a speck of consciousness in a galaxy wakes up with no sense of self-identity.