Short stories published in 1976

Listing 25 stories.

A grocer in desperate need of help enlists a lawyer to fix his problems, though he refuses to trust the lawyer enough to actually receive help.

A businessman in 1960s London falls passionately in love with his secretary—until he has sex with her.

A French detective adopts an Indigenous Brazilian boy interested in anthropology.

On a writing retreat in Nova Scotia, a historian caught between his loving family and his kind mistress struggles to live outside of history.

Two parents send their child a questionnaire full of mysterious questions that reveal insights into their relationship with their child.

After a woman reads that her friend and fellow nun has died, she thinks back to how they became friends and decides to make the journey back to their convent to pay her respects.

Blood, sweat, and castrating broncos. A white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s lived it for one day.

A high school cheerleader's uneventful life is shaken up when a crop duster—hired by her father to fly pesticides over his farm—comes to stay with them.

A man imprisoned for murdering his brother drifts between his visiting wife, his memories of life outside, and his friends in prison as he struggles to find meaning in his captivity -- in everyone's captivity.

A new addition to the English department at a university in Canada raises the eyebrows of the staff because of his apparent queerness, and as they strive to uncover his sexuality, their hypocrisy is satirically revealed.