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A businessman in 1960s London falls passionately in love with his secretary—until he has sex with her.

Post World War II, a dedicated son witnesses his father's deteriorating mental state after getting forced to retire from his beloved office job. He tries to soothe his father's anxiety and helps the old man find peace once again.

When a mysterious businessman moves into the house next to his, a South African widow finds himself and his painter daughter embroiled in a political scandal.

An elderly Russian man comes across a young American in a park and tells the young man about coming of age in Russia.

In a near-future world, a civilian is caught in a strange criminal investigation when his AI device—which gives him advice about acts of kindness to perform—leads him to be a pawn in a software pirate's revenge scheme.

While experiencing a midlife crisis, a respectable man must choose between his wife and his commitment to an eccentric political party.

A lonely and financially unstable middle-aged man tries and fails to sell Everlasting Beauty kitchenware to a family on the Black side of town in order to pay for his daughter's schooling.

On a business trip to Detroit, a naïve Swede catches feelings for a woman during a one-night stand, but her involvement with a cult prevents any potential future between them.

A Manhattan businessman is stalked by his former secretary and one-night stand on a train ride home.

After World War II, as he skis in the mountains of Switzerland, a Jewish Frenchman recognizes a German man who once left him for dead in the snow as a child.