Short stories tagged with Mid Life Crisis

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A businessman in 1960s London falls passionately in love with his secretary—until he has sex with her.

On a writing retreat in Nova Scotia, a historian caught between his loving family and his kind mistress struggles to live outside of history.

In a New York City of the near future, a middle-aged suit finds his life upturned when online terrorists accuse him of humanitarian crimes in front of everyone he knows.

A lovestruck journalist and a torn painter pull the threads of their affair in opposite directions: he desires something more permanent, while she feels indebted to her husband and sons.

When a depressed middle aged man strikes up a romance with his neighbor in a modern suburban American town, he consults women's magazines to make himself into the perfect lover.

A Canadian woman recalls the self-actualization, love, and loss that a recently deceased friend brought into her life throughout their yearslong relationship.

When a middle-aged widower rediscovers his sexual prowess through happy ending massages, he must reconcile his new pastime with his former identity of a loyal husband and father.

While experiencing a midlife crisis, a respectable man must choose between his wife and his commitment to an eccentric political party.

A dancer becomes disillusioned after moving to Tel Aviv to study under a long admired choreographer. Once she begins to see an actor's face at pivotal points in her life, she decides to quit the dance company and leave Tel Aviv.

A middle-aged man in Manhattan has a sudden epiphany that he is Jewish. He struggles to navigate his new feelings of religious devotion alongside his wife’s strong disapproval.