Short stories tagged with Marital Problems

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As an old woman revisits her family's quintessentially American history, she finds a way to respect and love her parents, despite the scandals and tragedies they endured.

When a married couple announces that they are getting a divorce, their best friends who are also a couple are forced to confront what this configuration means for their social life.

When their son returns back from boarding school, his Viennese father and French mother argue over what’s best for their son, who feels hopelessly different from all of the American teenagers in New York City. Unexpectedly, the argument reaches a deadly conclusion.

A man dismisses his mentally-ill wife’s worries over the frequent appearances of skinned rabbit corpses in their yard until she suddenly goes missing.

Knowing that his wife only has a year left to live, an elderly man puts aside the bitterness in their marriage to make her as happy and comfortable as possible.

When a sexual assault takes place near his Minneapolis home, a young, expectant father’s desire for erotic violence is triggered, leading him to crave inflicting terror on women.

A middle-aged man in Manhattan has a sudden epiphany that he is Jewish. He struggles to navigate his new feelings of religious devotion alongside his wife’s strong disapproval.

An alcoholic man must confront the possibility that his wife will leave him for his best friend.

When a man moves in to a new home down the road from a strange couple, he finds himself audience to a sad and bitter series of events replete with bouts of poverty, marital drama, infidelity, and abandonment.

In the WWII era, a married couple spectates a death-defying stunt. The husband likens the impossible feat to their failing marriage and is relieved when the performer succeeds, but when the man then falls to his death, his wife's strange reaction signals the end of their love.