Short stories tagged with Financial Struggles

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A boy and his dysfunctional parents take a holiday trip, where the father's stress, misery, and disappointments instill murderous desires in him.

An individual on a train watches the throngs of people commuting, including a young couple that has been severely affected by the Great Depression.

A man in a recovery ward is allowed to go out for a day to see his wife, but his discomfort in the outside world manifests as paranoia. He returns to the hospital early, where he finally feels normal.

A young California-based sculptor has it all: a supportive girlfriend, a promising sculpture, and an optimistic vision of the future. But when problems arise and the artist is forced to adapt, he risks losing it all.

Knowing that his wife only has a year left to live, an elderly man puts aside the bitterness in their marriage to make her as happy and comfortable as possible.

An unemployed man tricks a woman out of a dollar bill at a bar, but afterwards he feels guilty and tries to make amends.