Short stories published in Atlantic Monthly

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A young girl with a grievous family situation grows up and tries to escape her reality by seeking false love and affection.

A wealthy couple picks up an old man on a desert road, and they quickly become interested in his story about an untapped amethyst mine and its potential riches.

A Catholic priest's typical mundane routine is interrupted by a sick woman who requests his presence in fear of her own death. However, what Father Macdowell soon understands is that the woman's wishes conflict greatly with her protective lover, who sees no importance in religious practices.

A middle-aged man’s trip into the Irish countryside causes him to reflect on the dreams he gave up for his now-failing marriage.

The children in a family grow tired of hosting their middle-aged cousin, but his expulsion brings unexpected strife to the family.

A poor white sharecropper and his Cherokee wife must decide if they will allow their youngest son to leave their home with a wealthy lawyer and become a player for the town's football team.

A man in a recovery ward is allowed to go out for a day to see his wife, but his discomfort in the outside world manifests as paranoia. He returns to the hospital early, where he finally feels normal.

An African American man in his early-20s becomes renowned for his blues performances on the streets around the United States, playing for jail inmates, young couples, and passerbys alike.

A boy listens to his old friend tell a gruesome tale of his experience in the Civil War before the man’s health takes a turn for the worse.

A poor factory worker is convinced by a former co-worker to join the army for better opportunities. The only issue is that his wife wouldn't approve.