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When the Great Recession leaves a depressed college graduate without a promising job, she finds herself walking a quarter-million-dollar clone of the dog she used to take care of.

A young girl with a grievous family situation grows up and tries to escape her reality by seeking false love and affection.

A Boy Scout and his loyal dog emigrate to a human colony on Venus.

A woman and her brother are hiding from two violent dogs in the pantry in a house they broke in to, and she regrets bringing him into this because he has not fully recovered from his traumatic head injury.

Four teenage girls live in a small town in Saskatchewan where their family has been for generations. They are caught between a father who wants to leave and a mother whose iron will keeps her rooted to her hometown.

A dog’s owners give her the ability to talk and realize she’s Black.

A mysterious man treks into a quaint English village, where he stays the night with a couple and learns the town’s strange history surrounding mummification and entombment, as well as its local legend of a black dog that kills any person who sees it.

Kelsey's school bully torments her daily for her maturing body, but what no one knows is that Kelsey can literally transform into a wolf. As a werewolf, Kelsey learns to handle her bully and others.

A 39-year-old war veteran returns to live with his mother after his wife kicks him out for domestic abuse. Suffering from what his mother believes is PTSD, the man becomes increasingly anxious and bitter. When the cops come looking for him for one of an assorted range of former crimes, a string of events ends with him shooting at the house of his grocery-store crush and running into the woods.

Set around the 1940s, a thirteen-year-old boy pursues the purchase of a puppy he saw in a newspaper ad, and receives an unexpected sexual experience from the woman who sells him the dog.