Short stories published in 2001

Listing 28 stories.

A Japanese mother loses her husband during World War II and subsequently urges her son not to forget his heritage in the face of American occupation.

A young man and his widowed mother move to the Midwestern countryside, where the mother runs a deadly get-rich-quick scheme.

A man takes his four-year-old son to a pumpkin patch, where they encounter another father-son duo.

A young boy grows up believing that he is a detective in an imaginary city, and he quickly grows suspicious of his new neighbor. As he grows older, he ruminates on his imaginary city.

With a local man on trial for the murder of his family and a history of tragedy in the town, a group of neighborhood kids contemplate death.

When his neighbor dies, a 12-year-old Black boy takes over her house, only to find himself at the center of a war between rival gangs and an uncontrollable hustle.

Set around the 1940s, a thirteen-year-old boy pursues the purchase of a puppy he saw in a newspaper ad, and receives an unexpected sexual experience from the woman who sells him the dog.

Two generations of Irish families recount their traumatic experiences and moments of secrecy. When two members of each finally meet decades later in America, they fall in love but the secrecy of their lives remains.

A middle-aged Canadian writer reflects on her life, and recalls a family friend who has spent decades drifting in and out of her life, and who leaves chaos and clarity in her wake.

After unannounced absences, lies, and a switched kitchen appliance, a woman in 1950's New York discovers the truth about her boyfriend and the life he is hiding.