Short stories tagged with Halloween

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Three months after the death of his wife, a man tries to convince himself that he has not truly suffered a loss, all the while missing his wife more than ever.

A man takes his four-year-old son to a pumpkin patch, where they encounter another father-son duo.

When her child refuses to take off his Halloween costume because he’s decided that he’s a Mongolian nomad, an ESL teacher in Portland finds herself stuck in an absurd conflict that further strains her suffering marriage.

30 years later, a former childhood bully is haunted by the memory of a Halloween prank gone wrong. In a small town, a trio of middle school bullies pulls a Halloween prank on Hannah which goes horribly wrong. Thirty years later, one former bully is haunted by the memory.

A couple, an older man with a young wife, traverse a typical day, dealing with their respective mental health issues atop long-standing marital tensions.

When a married couple announces that they are getting a divorce, their best friends who are also a couple are forced to confront what this configuration means for their social life.

After his wife dies from from giving birth to a pumpkin, a man struggles to understand his responsibilities as a father and give his son the best life he can.

After a failed sale, a middle-aged realtor who doubles as a murderous clown shows his true colors. Dennis, real estate agent by day and murderous clown by night, reveals his secret to a coworker.

An elderly woman befriends a child who doesn’t seem to age and comes to her house dressed as a witch every Halloween. When the woman starts to inquire about the little witch, strange things begin to occur.

On a Halloween night, three friends play a drinking game while giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. When a mysterious child dressed as a rotting mummy keeps returning to their house, one friend believes he is connected to her past and is now haunting her.