Short stories tagged with Fire

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Three boys wreak havoc upon a woman's Georgia property and refuse to leave.

A man looking for work on a lakeside town gets involved in the lives of a young couple who are in love, but the girls' parents do not approve of the relationship.

After a Brooklyn man is released from prison for vehicular homicide, he attempts to care for the son and girlfriend of his best friend who died in a fire years ago.

An advertising model befriends an older man. After she returns from Algeria, her new boyfriend reveals an unsettling hobby to the man that continues to haunt him long after the model’s mysterious disappearance.

After Earth experiences a long and extreme drought, a privileged woman in South Africa watches as her local city bows down to a slave system that convinces people they are free.

In a society where the top one percent rules the lower classes, a teenage girl is forced out of her home by ethnic cleansing and must turn to a wealthy man in order to survive.

After having a disturbing nightmare concerning his family, an elderly veteran in 1910's Virginia buys a packet of fire grenades to ward off approaching harm.

A father and his family witness the chaotic collapse of their neighbor's family, and make small efforts to intervene.

A woman's son experiences a terrifying accident that shifts the trajectory of his life and changes his relationship with his parents and siblings throughout his life.

A man bonds with his friend's sister during the summer they spend together. He rides behind her on his bike while she runs, and carries a pistol to protect her from bears.