Short stories published in 1954

Listing 30 stories.

Three boys wreak havoc upon a woman's Georgia property and refuse to leave.

When two seventh graders refuse to let another boy into their game of catch, the spurned boy uses his magic powers to get what he wants.

Children on the planet Venus eagerly wait for the sun to shine for the first time in years, but when the one child who actually remembers sunlight tries to insist the event will happen, the other children turn on her.

Lying in the hospital, a soldier fights the pain and the memories of war while facing the decision to undergo a lobotomy.

A first-generation college student, hours from graduating, dreads leaving school and her faculty mentor for the "real world" and her traditional, Eastern European parents.

In a Paris churchyard, a man and his friend bear witness to the bizarre transformation of man into bird and a Bird Man into something more perhaps dangerous.

A priest assailed by doubt in his faith and purpose visits Dick Carson, a mutual friend whose wife has just died in a car accident. By sharing their interests with one another, they find comfort and fulfillment in their relationship.

A rocket engineer is married to a rocket pilot and the two are attempting to accomplish the first moon landing, however, when the pilot's radio goes dead while on the moon, a hasty rescue mission must be started to save him before he dies of starvation, if he isn't already dead.

A mother and daughter join the community of passengers on a ship to Naples. Scorning and delighting in one another’s peculiarities, vying for transient social status and partnerships, the colorful group awaits the varied promises of their destination.

A day in the life of a businessman consists of questioning the meaning of life and closing in on a dangerous business venture in the midst of WWII.