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While investigating the mysterious suicide of a djinn, a young female special investigator with the Egyptian Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments, and Supernatural Entities ends up in an intense battle to stop a plan to destroy humanity.

A father living alone at a horse stable in Massachusetts must reckon with his devotion to Catholicism when his only daughter is the driver in a hit and run.

The tragic loss of his childhood friend puts a boy on the path of religion - but his inner feelings remain as repressed and turbulent as they always were.

A well-intentioned, if naive, British cleric is eager to educate a West African village about the benevolent power of God. But as slavers encroach, he begins to question his purpose as well as his humanity.

A priest assailed by doubt in his faith and purpose visits Dick Carson, a mutual friend whose wife has just died in a car accident. By sharing their interests with one another, they find comfort and fulfillment in their relationship.

After dropping out of the Jesuit priesthood, a struggling graduate student studying theology meets a fellow Catholic graduate student. The two explore their sexual desires irrespective of what the Church has taught them.

When a ten-year-old boy stands up at a family dinner and declares he wants to meet God, his proclamation spurs a series of philosophical debates.

A high school boy struggles with his adolescent sexual desires alongside his devotion to Jehovah's Witness as he navigates a budding friendship with a female schoolmate.

When he discovers gold near his village, an African man dissatisfied with his lot in life develops new obsessions, flouts old responsibilities, and ultimately loses more than he gains.

A Korean-American immigrant and her husband struggle to process a miscarriage.