Short stories tagged with Obsession

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A man, obsessed with a girl twenty-nine years younger than him, is taken to jail for trying to seduce a minor, and wishes he could find a way to help others understand their relationship.

An inexperienced governess cares for an orphan in a gothic German castle and discovers that the child is a murderous sea serpent.

When Ardis Bascombe drunkenly kissed Walpole Greene one college night, she did not know she would be stirring a deadly attraction that might be fatal for her.

When the devoted wife of a Yiddish writer recruits a young man to translate her husband's work in 1960's New York, the young man must contemplate his priorities and mission in life.

To hear his friends and readers tell it, an American war correspondent based in Saigon is losing touch with reality. But to him, the opposite is true. Through studies of the Vietnamese people and fantastical letters to his children, he alternately tries to confront and embrace the world as it truly is.

When his social-outcast, chess buddy from high school becomes obsessed with neuroscience research to find a way to eliminate distracting side-thoughts, a man finds himself exposed to a mysterious infection that will doom his wife and himself to

An older woman and self-proclaimed loner is forced to engage with others at her accounting job after she is pushed to socialize by her managers. This, as well as her invasive obsession with the young woman next door, leads her into uncomfortable self-reflection and new experiences.

When he discovers gold near his village, an African man dissatisfied with his lot in life develops new obsessions, flouts old responsibilities, and ultimately loses more than he gains.

A man in pursuit of gold comes to learn how an obsession with wealth can tear away all your meaningful connections.

Jo's secret love for her coworker, sweet Catholic Lucia Mazzano, turns into a feverish obsession which crashes around her feet when Lucia finds a beau. Unable to stand the pain, Jo begins sabotaging Lucia's work in the law firm.