Short stories tagged with Paranoia

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A man in suburbia finds his neighbor nearly naked standing outside his kids' rooms. He begins to retaliate to prevent it from ever happening again.

A man in a recovery ward is allowed to go out for a day to see his wife, but his discomfort in the outside world manifests as paranoia. He returns to the hospital early, where he finally feels normal.

To hear his friends and readers tell it, an American war correspondent based in Saigon is losing touch with reality. But to him, the opposite is true. Through studies of the Vietnamese people and fantastical letters to his children, he alternately tries to confront and embrace the world as it truly is.

A paranoid old woman makes a disturbing discovery that intensifies her fears about being the victim of a crime.

An institutionalized man struggling to overcome his paralyzing paranoia hates his weekly "days out" in the city. But during a particularly turbulent two weeks, the realization of his worst fears in the outside world possibly bring about an improvement in his condition.

As a university professor acts as a sounding board for everyone else’s problems, her own stress mounts to a dangerous peak.

The only survivor of a hippie village deep in the woods overcomes his insanity to tell the tale of the night he lost his mind.

Amidst an outbreak of child abductions across the country, two new parents with toddler twins grapple with growing paranoia and keeping their young boys safe, which begins to put a strain on their evolving marriage.

Mr. Beresford falls into a fit of paranoia one day on his way home from work. Mr. Beresford encounters a man in a light hat who he believes is conspiring to hurt him, and who is enlisting others on the street and even Mr. Beresford's wife to help.

In the near future, a new planet has been discovered, but excitement at this discovery quickly turns into fear and hysteria as livestock are mutilated and lights begin to appear in the sky.