Short stories published in 1971

Listing 28 stories.

After several divorces and the death of his daughter, a man receives a terminal diagnosis himself, and ends up exploiting his impending death to amuse himself. At his deathbed, however, he is granted a moment of clarity where he can finally be his true self.

In 1960s America, a woman marries a selfish man who eventually accuses her of causing his mental illness and abandons her. She then begins to live her life sexually freed and embark on friendships and affairs centered around her own desires.

After their friend passes away, a man attends the funeral and falls deep into reverie while hearing a song's drum beats.

After dropping out of the Jesuit priesthood, a struggling graduate student studying theology meets a fellow Catholic graduate student. The two explore their sexual desires irrespective of what the Church has taught them.

A man in pursuit of gold comes to learn how an obsession with wealth can tear away all your meaningful connections.

An institutionalized man struggling to overcome his paralyzing paranoia hates his weekly "days out" in the city. But during a particularly turbulent two weeks, the realization of his worst fears in the outside world possibly bring about an improvement in his condition.

When a young woman's father, a famous photographer, passes away, she thinks that life will be better out from under her father's overbearing eye — and camera — but she finds that her grief is greater than she had expected.

During a Boy Scout camping trip, a father and son find some bonding time. The father particularly finds solace in the intimacy he feels towards his son during the increased interaction.

When an older woman seeks reprieve from her motherly duties on a day of solitude in the woods, an unexpected slip changes her life forever.

A father gets a call informing him that his son was arrested in a far away town, so he goes through every effort to find him and get him back.