Short stories tagged with Nazis

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When a small neighborhood starts practicing air raid drills for World War II, a new German couple down the block stirs up trouble for themselves when they get into a spat with their neighbors.

Two male Nazi engineers hide their illicit romance while at work aboard the Hindenburg in 1937. En route to New York, one of the engineer’s flirtations with a female passenger leads to tragic misunderstandings and a tragic end.

A father gets a call informing him that his son was arrested in a far away town, so he goes through every effort to find him and get him back.

In 1988 Germany, a teenaged girl likes to probe her uptight family members for the rich stories they carry from their past. When her aunt—the black sheep of the family—comes to stay with them, the girl is fascinated by her free-spirited persona and the family secrets she may hold.

A group of high-class Polish Jews raucously enjoy a stunning rendition of Macbeth until German police descend upon them.

A young Englishwoman must reevaluate her romance with a Nazi soldier after parachutists attack the city.

Set during the Second World War, a Czech man tells a story about his dog, in an attempt to make relatable the cruel reality of life in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to a sheltered American woman who owns a pet dog.

After World War II, as he skis in the mountains of Switzerland, a Jewish Frenchman recognizes a German man who once left him for dead in the snow as a child.

A starving young teenager struggles to survive with her infant on their march towards a Nazi concentration camp. However, another prisoner plots to steal the teenage mom's magical shawl on which the infant relies.

A newly discharged veteran from World War II is finally on a train back home and anticipates his return to mundane life, even if he carries the burdens of war. Elsewhere across the ocean, Hitler anticipates his return to power.