Short stories published in 1943

Listing 30 stories.

Three months after the death of his wife, a man tries to convince himself that he has not truly suffered a loss, all the while missing his wife more than ever.

When a small neighborhood starts practicing air raid drills for World War II, a new German couple down the block stirs up trouble for themselves when they get into a spat with their neighbors.

When an old nurse and two children go out for a perfect afternoon walk, they are distraught to return home and find that something is out of place.

After his newspaper route, a young paperboy enters a Southern café, only to be roped into a philosophical conversation surrounding love by an old man.

In twentieth century Ireland, three women decide to impart their generosity on an old man, but their bad manners and hosting skills are not well received by their charity case.

While visiting Paris for the holiday season, a young girl and her grandfather get homesick for the countryside. At the Christmas market, they finally find something worth coming to the city for.

When a ten-year-old boy stands up at a family dinner and declares he wants to meet God, his proclamation spurs a series of philosophical debates.

Extreme hunger takes over the lives and sanity of two girls living in Germany's time of war.

An eleven-year-old girl who comes from a family of poor cranberry farmers must come to terms with her changing body and becoming a woman when her older sister's romantic pursuit takes an interest in her.

A priest must choose to visit his dying brother or take care of a sick friar. The choice he chooses haunts him forever.