Short stories tagged with Winter

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A six-year-old boy is tasked with helping his mother give birth at their remote home in the woods.

At a North American winter resort, an arthritic old man challenges a pair of young men to a series of physical challenges to prove that, despite his age and illness, he is still strong.

In a 1950s mining community in the western United States, death and suicide are common. A body is found in a burnt cabin, and everyone suspects it was suicide, but the truth is much more insidious.

On a cold Seattle night, deep in the heart of winter, a woman walks into a bar and finds the beautiful and animal-like woman she has been waiting for. She chases the woman into the night and finds the stranger is not what she seems—but neither is the protagonist.

While visiting Paris for the holiday season, a young girl and her grandfather get homesick for the countryside. At the Christmas market, they finally find something worth coming to the city for.

One winter in Vermont, a middle-aged biographer struggles with depression caused by his desire to have an affair. To cope, he goes on long walks, but one day he finds himself in weather much worse than the misery in his mind.

A woman navigates a budding relationship with a hunter. While she is able to look past their differences in taste and politics, she struggles to reconcile the hunter's infidelity and deception.

In the northern United States, a nineteen-year-old soldier receives advice after reuniting with his seemingly apathetic magician father in a cold 20th century winter. As they each learn more about their relationship, father and son argue about their priorities in life and whether or not these obligations are worth more than family.

En route home from a dinner party with her husband, a woman reflects on the death of their young daughter and the omnipresence of tragedy in their lives.

After briefly meeting a mysterious little girl at a movie theater, a middle-aged New York City widow finds herself haunted by an inexplicable spirit.