Short stories published in Mademoiselle

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The tragic loss of his childhood friend puts a boy on the path of religion - but his inner feelings remain as repressed and turbulent as they always were.

A show arrives in a small town, promising the performance of a lifetime, in which a small, mute woman will dive into a shallow pool surrounded by flames from a diving board that reaches the sky.

An afternoon at the park takes an unexpected turn for a mother and her son as the well-established families that they admire turn out to be unhappy people who secretly enjoy the misery of others. As the day progresses, the mother is surprised to learn that she and her son share many negative qualities with those families.

A young girl attending a predominantly white New York City grade school in the 1950s watches the journey of one of her classmates — a girl of color with a disability — when an influential teacher helps her become more confident and comfortable.

In 1945 in New Orleans, a fourteen-year-old boy's sister stops secretly seeing a lieutenant and decides to finally marry one of the suitors that her mother has approved for her.

In pre-Civil War Spain, a little girl witnesses her famous matador uncle become plagued by superstition and deteriorate in his craft.

After being put in a nursing home by her daughter, an elderly woman feels her family slipping away from her until it is too late for reconciliation.

Extreme hunger takes over the lives and sanity of two girls living in Germany's time of war.

In a family of immortal vampires, a young boy seems more human than vampire, lacking magical powers and nauseated by the taste of blood. When the boy asks his sister to help him prove himself and impress their relatives at a large family reunion, things don't exactly go as planned.

Eddie Livaudais comes home from four days in the swamp to a livid wife and consoling friends, having failed to find his son who disappeared within it.