Short stories published in 1951

Listing 33 stories.

A businessman covertly heads to the skating rink every day with a flailing routine, where he basks in the laughter of onlookers. Finally, he is forced to choose between his straitlaced family and his clownish — but authentic — alter ego.

An old man tells his nephew a story about how an incident involving a stolen lock eventually led to the creation of a town in 19th-century Mississippi.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a young boy in the last family on Earth wonders if he has just spotted the face of another survivor.

When three troublemakers board a bus with a plan to cause mischief, their jokes take a sour turn and ends grimly.

A young girl attending a predominantly white New York City grade school in the 1950s watches the journey of one of her classmates — a girl of color with a disability — when an influential teacher helps her become more confident and comfortable.

A struggling artist hopes to revive his social relevance by making a project out of his new neighbors, but he is forced to confront his own ruination as his obsession grows and old rivals enter the scene.

A single mother living in the Bay Area is attempting to successfully raise three children, but finds trouble optimizing both their freedom and their safety.

While managing his hotel, Joel Bleeker politely welcomes a crowd of motorcyclists. However, the group soon turns chaotic and Bleeker faces a series of tragic events before he can take no more.

A boy at a boarding school writes a letter back to his mother. He fights back tears and must face another harassment from his bullies.