Short stories tagged with Irony.

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A housewife in Wisconsin tries desperately to warn people about the impending doom Hitler poses as he rises to power in Europe. Simultaneously, she lives vicariously through her daughters and hopes to glean satisfaction out of their romances where she can't from her own.

A Native American boy finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand as his horse watches, hoping that someone somehow will know he's in trouble, despite the lack of evidence for such a suspicion.

When three troublemakers board a bus with a plan to cause mischief, their jokes take a sour turn and ends grimly.

A widowed radiologist is navigating raising his son after his wife's death when one of his patients captures his attention.

A cheating husband who was dragged to marriage counseling sleeps with the flirty counselor. It backfires when it turns out she is not a marriage counselor at all, but a dangerous woman with a gun.

When an uncle's last-chance marriage brings a mysterious girl into a Russian-Canadian teenage boy's life, their burgeoning relationship upends his social standing and threatens to tear his family apart.

Two men on opposites sides of a civil war wonder what they are fighting for as the flames of destruction spread across the country and alien forces are exposed.

A young mathematician in 1950s New York City tries to stop a free-spirited woman, her Greek immigrant beau, and their son from self-destructing.

A man refuses to bury a cholera infected corpse on his land, then a year later dies from cholera himself. His legend is told and misted by several following generations.

In France, an extremely wealthy man who owns a porcelain collection is invited to lunch by an odd-ball art dealer who has an elderly, eccentric socialite friend that collects porcelain de sax.