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When two very different women suffer a car crash, a one-sided friendship soon becomes a bitter court battle which ends in tragedy.

A nameless person tells a story of when they had an intimate conversation over dinner with a former schoolmate whom they idealized.

A man named Stein commits fraud then travels into the future to the day after the statute of limitations has expired. After the ensuing legal battle, the judge rules: "A niche in time saves Stein."

When three troublemakers board a bus with a plan to cause mischief, their jokes take a sour turn and ends grimly.

A father-son duo of physicists set out to explore the mysteries of time travel, but when they manage to bring something back from the prehistoric past, they find that their discovery is far beyond what they expected.

The most famous man in the world decides to escape from the constant attention and pressure of his daily life.

In a realistic sci-fi world, a mystery writer nurtures his robot servant's interest in becoming a writer as well, paying for a series of expensive upgrades such that the robot can understand spelling, grammar, plot, human behavior, and humor. However, when the robot's talent threatens to surpass his own, the egotistical writer demands the robot's mind be restored to its original state.

In a modern-day world, an old lady with an uneventful life finds the Holy Grail in a pawn shop and buys it, thinking it will look nice on her mantle. The next day, a knight in shining armor shows up searching for it.

A depressed barista meets a famous actor at a party. They go back to her place, where he asks personal questions she's not willing to answer.

A deadly virus, created as an act of biological warfare, has swept the Western world, killing the majority of its citizens. When a lonely, naturally immune woman spots another survivor, she pursues him, albeit with unforeseen, tragic consequences.