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A dinosaur hunter explains why he will not let a potential client accompany him to the Jurassic or the Cretaceous periods with a harrowing story about a spoiled rich man.

A hunter in 2055 pays for a precarious time-traveling service to hunt real dinosaurs. But when he actually encounters the giant reptiles, what was supposed to be a unique and cutting-edge experience becomes a horrifying domino effect that disrupts his world forever.

A father-son duo of physicists set out to explore the mysteries of time travel, but when they manage to bring something back from the prehistoric past, they find that their discovery is far beyond what they expected.

During an overnight field trip to a museum, an elementary-aged girl who claims to be good with boys despite her mediocre looks tries to spend some time alone with her crush, but her crush's helicopter mother keeps interfering.

A story is on trial for falsely claiming to be science fiction in a satirical 1940’s London courtroom.

In the near future, a robot engineer with a skill for seances arrives at a rival paleontologist camp with instructions to sabotage their work. Instead, her seance skills connects her spiritually with ancient dinosaurs who send their modern day descendants to her rescue when she realizes she has been betrayed.