Short stories published in 1955

Listing 31 stories.

A lost man finds his way back to his family after realizing he does not truly wish to be alone.

A dinosaur hunter explains why he will not let a potential client accompany him to the Jurassic or the Cretaceous periods with a harrowing story about a spoiled rich man.

A routine inspection for a Space Navy ship leads to confusion over a vague item. A hasty fix before a military inspection causes more stress than intended.

A woman with an aversion to yelling regrets her wish to be deaf so that she does not need to marry her fiance who is being argumentative.

Mrs. Berthelson is the only human that can travel through time, so she journeys to a post-apocalyptic Earth where she tries to sell life-saving supplies to the last surviving humans as they are about to escape the planet.

Confrontation ensues when a young doctor discovers that his father, also a doctor, prescribes codeine to the old French Quarter of New Orleans instead of legitimately treating them. As the father grows ill, the son slowly adopts the superstitious and traditional medical methods of the Quarter and begins falling into his father’s ways.

A pessimistic tour-guide in Dehli grows frustrated with his life while working to prevent his naïve American tourists from being scammed by merchants and beggars.

A young boy watches as one of his best friends becomes an advocate for socialism after attending Hebrew school and working for the local grocer in their Jewish neighborhood during World War II.

An old lady orders her farm worker, Mr. Greenleaf, to kill his sons' bull that is loitering on her property.

A rambunctious but well-meaning Armenian family imagines what must have become of an absent family member, who is away at work. Via letter, their family member reveals the most earth-shattering news.