Short stories tagged with Miscommunication

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During a Northeastern winter in their new isolated country home, a woman slowly succumbs to the gaslighting and manipulation of her husband.

A routine inspection for a Space Navy ship leads to confusion over a vague item. A hasty fix before a military inspection causes more stress than intended.

In the far future, a selfless woman helps a wary man flee from a destroyed Earth to the world beyond the solar system.

A man tries to determine the cost of a passionate but brief love affair, and his calculations lead him to a solemn but hopeful realization.

On an artificial island build to counter the effects of climate-induced flooding, an immigrant father returns from a long period away and struggles to reconnect with his distant son.

A solitary young hotel clerk finds himself enticed by a mysterious, sophisticated writer. Both desire intimacy, but find their romance obstructed by unspeakable kinds of loneliness.

In a world where women can have their menstrual cycles removed, a family tries to talk their daughter out of joining a group that embraces their periods.

A married couple clashes over the husband’s unwillingness to work. Laziness and enterprise produce a surprising invention.

A teenage girl's parents debate a neurological treatment that would allow her to participate in life more easily but could also mean giving up the wonderful, unusual talents the girl possesses.

A mother and her two children host an Indonesian diplomat for the United Nations. A humorous moment of miscommunication allows the family and the diplomat to bond.