Short stories published in 1950

Listing 37 stories.

During a Northeastern winter in their new isolated country home, a woman slowly succumbs to the gaslighting and manipulation of her husband.

The tragic loss of his childhood friend puts a boy on the path of religion - but his inner feelings remain as repressed and turbulent as they always were.

In New York City, a woman is saved from being hit by a rogue car by a British man, and asks him to help her run away to England for her safety. A wrestler who knows her interrupts, revealing her feelings for him and that the plea for flight is a sham; the British man is being played.

A bitter rivalry between two priests and a cat takes a violent turn as the two men orchestrate the death of the animal - but the unexpected and miraculous consequence of their plot leave them horrified.

A man takes a stressful plane ride back home from a business trip in Washington. He is highly disturbed by his sleep-walking incident in the hotel and struggles to fight negative thoughts about the war and his unhappy sister.

Upon hearing about an upcoming wedding, a former American soldier reminisces about the time he met a young girl who gave him the recourse to survive the war.

After being put in a nursing home by her daughter, an elderly woman feels her family slipping away from her until it is too late for reconciliation.

An old woman recalls the younger siblings she has raised under her selfless Christian beliefs and actions. Despite her good deeds, she has been stricken with an illness and a lonely life and faces reality.

Fresh out of a stint in the army, a young journalism student confronts suicide, isolation, and dilettantism as he drives his alcoholic mother from New York to Connecticut.

A bus filled with passengers from different walks of life begins its long journey. Everyone has different problems assailing their otherwise ordinary lives, but as the bus rolls along, these issues begin to be resolved for each through the unwitting actions of the others.