Short stories tagged with Resurrection

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A famous poet wakes up in the afterlife but wishes to be alive, and death offers her a deal. If she kills a boy, she can live for 25 more years.

A woman faces a choice after she is brought back to life after the annihilation of the human race: Should she ask the race who resurrected her to resurrect all humankind?

A bitter rivalry between two priests and a cat takes a violent turn as the two men orchestrate the death of the animal - but the unexpected and miraculous consequence of their plot leave them horrified.

Undead girls begin re-entering the world of the living, emerging from refrigerators, and taking up space across society.

In a future where humanity is controlled by a massive computer called SUM, a man asks SUM to resurrect his dead lover. However, there is a price to pay for such a request.

Anne Boleyn keeps dying at King Henry VIII's hands, but she never stays dead for long.

After a mother is brought back from the dead by a group of young Korean adoptees, she possesses them each and tries to make them better people.

A family's beloved dog dies during a storm, and they bury him in their backyard — only to find the same dog scratching at their door three days later, back from the dead.

When a group of farmers notice that they’re being robbed in the night, they discover the culprit to be a loveable skeletal horse.

A young lord gets distracted on his wedding night by the revival of an old friend, and awakens to find himself in a different time.