Short stories tagged with Devastating Ending

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When a psychoanalyst's family forces him to give up his poker addiction, he uses the misery of one of his patients, a poker champion, to keep his need to gamble at bay.

During his leave, an American World War II soldier visits the family of one of his fellow British soldiers. While he expects a warm and doting environment, he is instead greeted by a circumspectly cold group of British people.

When a teenage girl falls in love with a stargazer, she goes on a journey to build a kite that will allow her to float up in the stars so that her lover notices her.

When a melancholic blues singer gets his big break, he discovers that his success as a musician is mutually exclusive with his happiness as a human being.

After meeting a beautiful boy at the ice rink, a sixteen-year-old girl goes through the rhythm of magical love and bitter disappointment.

When a group of farmers notice that they’re being robbed in the night, they discover the culprit to be a loveable skeletal horse.