Short stories tagged with Blindness

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In a dystopic universe where the aristocracy rules society, a banished tailor is given the opportunity to redeem herself by fashioning a coat from the sky for a nobleman. When the project reveals the dark history of the city's stratification, she is forced to make a choice between revolution and redemption.

A young woman watches jealously as her lover devotes more time and attention to his blind friend. As the friend drives a wedge between them, the woman feels helpless to stop him.

A Russian girl looks forward to occasional visits by her mother's best friend. When the friend soon plans to visit with her new deaf and blind lover, feelings of scandal, anxiety, and curiosity emerge in the girl's family.

During his leave, an American World War II soldier visits the family of one of his fellow British soldiers. While he expects a warm and doting environment, he is instead greeted by a circumspectly cold group of British people.

A man goes to the movies with his father-in-law and uses an assisted hearing device to listen in on the old man's thoughts, discovering that his father-in-law may be a murderer.

A man in the metalworking industry is blinded by a tragic work accident and finds himself using humor as a coping mechanism and way to cover up his own fears while in the hospital.

A boy learns what miracles mean to his community during his first visit to a Nigerian church.

A father reflects on his parental failures and his growing age as he drives through California on a rainy night.

A boy learns a lesson when he is recruited to help a blind man panhandle at an intersection.

A little girl navigates her relationships with two boys in her elementary school class, a brash bully and a shy victim, and learns about the nature of suffering.