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A Jewish soldier receives a letter from his father in America which details his experiences with Anti-Semitism, and causes him to reflect on his own life. He realizes that his friends have not faced the discrimination he has, but is glad when they acknowledge this and treat him the way they always have — as an equal.

An elderly woman finds herself surrounded by tragedy.

A young British soldier returns to his home in Westminster after the war, only to find that both he and the city have been impacted by the cruelness of the war.

Plagued by visions of her past, a humanoid creature investigates a crashed UFO. She realizes that the ship and the creature piloting it are one and the same.

While taking their partially-deaf younger cousin to a hospital appointment an unknown narrator shifts in and out of memory, mixing up sensory and real experiences.

A mystical woman provides a refuge for families in their caravans for the night but is often haunted by her past and regrets. One day, a family that stays the night becomes caught in the whirlwind of dangerous magic and threatens to break the peace between the other mythical landlords of the area.

In an Alaskan war camp during the apocalypse, a former microbiologist butchers the only form of meat left for consumption: the corpses of her deceased neighbors.

A man recalls his intimate friendship with his former English professor, who resolved to fuel his unsatisfied desire for playwriting during the time they were apart. In their reunion decades later, instead of the brilliant play he promised, the professor shows his former student a disturbing product of his mental instability.

When a World War II soldier returns home to San Francisco, memories of a late friend keep him from enjoying the normalcy of civilian life.

A Russian girl looks forward to occasional visits by her mother's best friend. When the friend soon plans to visit with her new deaf and blind lover, feelings of scandal, anxiety, and curiosity emerge in the girl's family.