Short stories published in 1923

Listing 20 stories.

The night watchman at the wax museum is a simple man, and he loves his job, especially the wax figure of Napoleon, whom he considers a special friend. Though a bachelor, he is a romantic, and gets caught up in the affairs of a young couple who use the wax museum as their meeting place.

Two regulars at the Del Norte golf course find refuge from their messy divorces in one another.

The most famous man in the world decides to escape from the constant attention and pressure of his daily life.

During his travels in the Pacific, a young man hears tales of a great adventurer. When he returns home and relays the news to his father, he discovers a long-kept secret.

A man recalls his intimate friendship with his former English professor, who resolved to fuel his unsatisfied desire for playwriting during the time they were apart. In their reunion decades later, instead of the brilliant play he promised, the professor shows his former student a disturbing product of his mental instability.

Four generations of one family gather for a picture and tensions rise between distant relatives.

A blissfully naïve young couple hopes to avoid the fate of the husband's unhappy parents, but as his jealous mother, children, and resentments come between them, the young couple falls into the same pitfalls.

Alyse, a part-time writer, is unable to excavate any interest from her seemingly boring family, utterly unaware of the deeply complex and exciting adventures her brother, sister, and aunt often have

A young orphaned girl becomes frightened when she hears rustling outside her window, which she believes comes from a prisoner who escaped from the nearby prison.

A woman who has endured two strokes attempts to lead a normal life with her son, despite her expectation of a third attack coming soon.