Short stories tagged with Third Person Perspective

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A girl raised on a farm by a strict Christian mother decides to indulge in her curiously and approaches a young farmhand, despite her mother's warnings that all men are sinful.

A man who firmly believes he does not love the woman he felt obligated to marry begins to realize the gravity of losing her after she ventures into the woods one stormy evening.

During a violent snowstorm in Iowa, a train carrying a traveling salesman, a railroad worker, and a family of five takes a desperate detour to Carthage. When the passengers arrive, the station is a mess and the agent is dead, but they must work together to welcome a new life amidst the deathly circumstances.

A Basque woman tells a moving story of a found family with three daughters, born in unconventional circumstances.

A judge notorious for his harsh rulings finds himself conflicted when his beloved daughter begs him to save her criminal husband.

A young boy befriends an older woman, much to his parents’ disapproval, and they enjoy each other’s company until her fateful departure from town.

During the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, a young boy is left alone so his family can be treated in their town’s makeshift hospital. The boy tries his best to hold down the fort and prove his manhood, though the people around him make it more difficult than he expected.

In a town so small it can hardly be called a town, a black woman serves a rich white family until a series of horrific events causes the single joy in her life to vanish.

After his car breaks down at the base of a steep hill, a man encounters a stranger and walks with him to the ranch at the top of the hill, both seeking to solve the mystery of why the stranger’s wife has been taking apart their ranch piece by piece.

After closing a business deal for his beloved empire in New York, a young Italian imperialist seeks out his supposedly successful brother in the desert, but finds him emotionally and mentally devastated by the unforgiving American landscape.